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Rising Behind-the-Scenes Talent Discuss Favorite Moments From Awards Season Films: Clayton Davis, Variety


How ‘The Father’ Production Designer’s Set Successfully Simulates Dementia. Casey Mink

How 'The Father' Production Designer Evoked Disorientation in Film About Memory Loss. Carolyn Giardina

These sets are more than a place to tell a story. They are the hero of the story. Randee Dawn

His apartment — a gorgeous feat of design, courtesy of Peter Francis, that’s heightened by a theatrical lighting, a visually imposed sense of comfort in one moment and isolation in the next — is a sanctuary.

The Hollywood Reporter

Huge plaudits are due to production designer Peter Francis, whose subtly reconfigured sets disorient the viewer, matching Anthony’s increasingly bewildered experience.

Mark Kermode


How ‘The Father’ Production Designer Peter Francis Created the Most Disoriented Set of the Year.

As Anthony Hopkins' character loses track of his surroundings, Francis' work became a key storytelling device — and the highlight of his career.

Eric Kohn

‘The Father’ Production Designer Peter Francis on Using Set Design to Reflect Memory Loss


Tim Gray

How ‘The Father’ recreated the “disorientation of the audience” from the stageplay on screen

screen daily
the wrap

If You’re Confused or Unsettled by ‘The Father,’ You Can Thank the Production Designer

Steve Pond


''Zeller must also be commended for his adaptation from stage to screen of a story that primarily happens in interiors and single rooms, still making it feel cinematic. Aided by some terrific production design by Peter Francis''

jason gorber, that shelf

''THE FATHER - Breathtaking. Shattering. Sublime. Jaw-dropping performances led by Anthony Hopkins with all star rotating cast. Florian Zeller's beautiful translation of his play triumphs by using montage and set decoration to elevate story in cinematic terms. I'm shaking.''

the film experience

''For that production design and editing mentioned earlier, the film should receive Oscar nominations as well.  We tend to think of both crafts in a limited way, mostly based on how flashy the contribution is.  Here, the work of those artists (Peter Francis and Yorgos Lamprinos, respectively) is incredibly subtle, but absolutely instrumental in the storytelling and emotional nuance of the film...the craftsmanship on display in this film (as well as the warmly-caressed hues from cinematographer Ben Smithard) are of the highest artistry.''

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